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Reportedly, 2010 to 2015, Jiangsu province is annual in the smart grid construction investment of more than 20000000000 Yuan, and strive in the digital and communication technology based on power generation, transmission, distribution, coverage, electricity, automation, communication and other industrial chain. 2012, 2015, the province of smart grid industry total production value will exceed 150000000000 yuan and 300000000000 yuan.

The same stage, Jiangsu smart grid industry alliance set up in Nanjing. The union of Nanjing NARI Group Corporation 16 sponsor unit jointly initiated the establishment, currently has member unit 50, covers the automation of electric power system, relay protection, transformer and other fields.

Can foreknow, smart grid will rise, make power market pattern produces tremendous change.

The country, as the development of smart grid, the State Grid has released its standards system, such as equipment manufacturers to provide more equal to R & D and production environment, then who can in the shortest possible time to produce standard, can withstand the test equipment products, will largely determine the equipment market status, even influence the formation and adjustment of standard. But for the majority of manufacturers and other attempts at intelligent electric benefit participants, now more importantly, whether through independent research and development and technical cooperation, access to the market first mover advantage.

Keywie communication has been concerned about development of the industry, think: as the electric field integral timing technology, the reform of electric power system will also be the time service technology reform. Timing technology widely applied to electric power systems in many areas, such as chronological record, relay protection, fault location, real-time information collection needs to have a uniform, high precision time base. While the traditional timing technology based on a variety of reasons, has not been able to adapt the new requirements of the application, IEEE 1588v2 applications become inevitable.

Singular IEEE 1588v2 PTP micro series clock is to meet industry demand of health, as a high precision, high stability of the new technology products, which will greatly accelerate the innovation in electric power system application. We are willing to with the qualification on various aspects of cooperation, Gongtuo market.