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The national smart grid construction, communications industry, key technological transformation, to power instrumentation industry brought the hundred years of great opportunity for development, promote the industrial structure and upgrade technology, intelligent and systematic trend obviously, application scope for further expansion. This makes technical innovation become the enterprise survival and the development key identifier.

The instrumentation industry already successive a few economy maintained a high operational trend, especially power detection apparatus, its huge potential demand. But as the series of national key project implementation, high technical content of the instrumentation industry has been the government 's attention and support. In addition," Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China will continue to implement and start key projects, these projects for the instrument to bring enormous business opportunities. Can be said that the policy support for instrumentation constitutes a direct positive.

Although domestic instrumentation industry got rapid development, but the gap with foreign countries is still large, reflected in the science and technology innovation and industrialization progress is slow; the key core technology shortage, low level repetition prominent; stability and reliability of the product is not a long-term fundamental solution.

Therefore, equipment suppliers should change the traditional way of thinking, to improve independent innovation, or to seek technical cooperation, play an instrument enterprises in electric energy meter and information acquisition system, to the" technology-oriented enterprises" change.

Currently my company has with the Chinese Academy of Sciences [ Shanghai Advanced Research Institute of micro-nano devices center ], national time service center, IEEE 1588v2 technology to achieve the strategic cooperation agreement. At the same time we are also actively looking for power equipment enterprise R & D cooperation, promote technological innovation process instrumentation.

IEEE 1588v2 PTP series is our company with independent intellectual property rights of the high tech clock products, widely used in electric power system equipment. As electrical energy collecting device in electric energy acquisition terminal, using a chipping micro IEEE 1588v2 synchronous clock, can provide the accurate clock, accomplish the system at the same time reproduces the gateway data. And as the lightning location system, the use of odd micro IEEE 1588v2 synchronized clock to the probe station is time synchronized to nanosecond, measurement of lightning electromagnetic pulse arrival time difference of different base stations, thereby finishing identify lightning sends location.

Relying on a strong R & D capability, we can provide a comprehensive range of custom development.