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The State Grid has recently issued the" smart grid technology standard system planning" and" smart grid key equipment ( system ) development planning", industry and capital market to the intelligent network planning with dew clue. The" smart grid technology standard system planning" proposed 8 professional branch, 26 technology areas, 92 standard series of smart grid technology standard system, the network will be divided into three stages of the development of smart grid technology standard. " Smart grid key equipment ( system ) development plan" for the first time put forward systematically including 7 technical areas, 28 technical topics and 137 key equipment development planning.

According to the State Grid Corporation of smart grid 's overall development goals, will be a comprehensive coverage of all areas of traditional power system, power generation, transmission, around the substation, power distribution, electricity, dispatching six links and communication information platform construction. But at this stage of China such as UHV equipment, highly automated system, digital substation, some equipment to or at the international level, but some of the key equipment technical specification and standards are not unified, technical performance needs to be improved, part of smart grid key equipment core technology has not yet been fully mastered, key equipment is still lacking.

Odd a committed to the development of the industry, the relevant national standards to maintain attention. Relying on strong research and development capabilities, we have the ability to solve the innovation requirements. IEEE 1588V2 PTP network clock as the results of our latest technology, and other timing technology contrast, will better solve the time synchronization problem of electric power system. Odd micro with all the parties are willing to conduct in-depth cooperation strategy.