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Shanghai Baer said, using PTN transmission time ( time synchronization ), cost is only for the use of GPS plus feeder from 4% to 6%, can greatly reduce the cost of operators. And Baer laboratory has very good algorithm, can be controlled within one thousand ns precision in time.

At present, China Mobile has launched PTN commercial pilot, in the use of PTN realize moving back to at the same time, also try to use IEEE 1588v2 instead of GPS to realize time synchronization.

PTN has the ability to realize the high precision time synchronization
According to the understanding of C114, CDMA2000 and TD-SCDMA are the base station synchronization system, TD needs in base station built in GPS realize the synchronization between base stations. Base station switching, such as roaming is required for accurate time control, so the synchronization problem for mobile communication importance is self-evident.
According to the Shanghai Baer cable products bidding scheme senior bidding scheme director Dr. Ding Hao introduces, in addition to sending a packet service, PTN also can be transmitted from the original GPS transmission time mark. PTN based on packet transfer mechanisms and the Ethernet service bearing mode, so that it has the ability to realize based on the IEEE 1588v2 high precision time synchronization function.

In order to avoid the United States GPS security risks, many operators have put PTN based time synchronization as a replacement station GPS synchronization solution.
From 2008 March, China Mobile has to multiple TD systems manufacturers launched" TD-SCDMA GPS alternative" and a series of work, thus in this field at the forefront. In May this year, Zhejiang mobile PTN IEEE 1588v2 deployment scheme, and the success of the TD-SCDMA business migration to the network.
In the recently held 2009 communication industry development forum, Wang Jianzhou ( Wang Jianzhou news, Wang Jianzhou said that) said in China Mobile and telecommunications equipment manufacturers work together, TD-SCDMA network is possible using PTN IEEE 1588v2 from the GPS time service.

PTN synchronous cost is only 4% to 6% of GPS
In addition to avoid potential safety problems, PTN in convenient installation and laying cost also is far superior to that of GPS, become the mobile network to LTE evolution based.
Ding Hao said, GPS do have a lot of restriction, by synchronizing the environmental impact:" because the GPS receiving system will usually see a satellite can receive time scale, the antenna in the specific environment especially the interior would very inconvenient, so the device is usually installed in the open environment."

" Due to equipment installation in the open environment rather than at the base station, so they need a very long feeders are connected, and a feeder line is very expensive." He added. According to the Shanghai Baer's estimate, by means of PTN ground transmission standard, cost only GPS system with feeder 's 4% to 6%, will greatly reduce the cost of operators.
But IEEE 1588v2 at present many areas in need of improvement. For example, in the node processing packet time, there will be some jitter. Ding Hao told C114, Baer laboratory is a very good algorithm, can in the transmission process the packet transmission node issues affecting some exclude, true implementation of end to end time accuracy" in one thousand nanosecond range time".

Note: This article is part of the contents and technical data from the" C114 China communication network"