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Major operators of IEEE 1588v2 technology in-depth study and discussion to accelerate the IEEE 1588v2 technology for maturity and commercial progress. Zhejiang mobile group based on testing, in late 2008 and early 2009, adopted the Huawei PT N product comprehensive power, performance verification and pressure test. Especially in the IEEE 1588v2 long chain pressure test, Huawei PTN products of each mode clock output are in compliance with the relevant standard, frequency accuracy of 0.01 ppm, the time offset is smaller than 0.3 UG / s, far more than the 3G service requires 0.05 ppm and 1.5 s and 0. Accuracy. At present, Zhejiang Mobile has been in the application of this technology walk in the world, the first quarter of 2009, the world's first IEEE 1588v2 commercial network -- Zhejiang mobile TDSCDMA PTN packet bearer network official business, this marks the China mobile bearing network packet pace stepped solid the first pace.