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Power system of unified time requirement is more and more pressing, high precision, high reliability and time synchronization network has become a modern power system stable operation of important foundation.

1 application requirements
The existing power system in the substation, mostly through the room interior configuration of GPS satellite receiver to obtain time information. It does not have the dispersed GPS receiver management capabilities, so the time synchronization is undesirable and may lead to various problems cannot be prevented, and the widespread use of GPS receiver, each site can not be shared, serious waste of resources; GPS signal once fault occurs, then the timekeeping performance is low, the decline in the quality of synchronization.
Only with the unified accurate time source, can achieve better system operation monitoring and fault analysis, can be through a variety of power system automation control equipment switch, adjust the sequence and accurate time to analyze the cause of the accident and process.
1588v2 clock products will become the preferred!

2 application scenarios
Electric power industry is developing rapidly, and its related automation products is also growing, in the power system in many fields, such as chronological record, relaying protection, fault location, energy billing, real-time information collection, there is a need for a uniform, high precision time base. Such as" line traveling wave fault location device"," lightning location system" and other time synchronization precision needed to reach s level;" substation monitoring system"," power distribution network automation system" and other automatic control and monitoring of equipment time synchronization accuracy needed to reach ms level requirements. 1588 technology can be widely used in electric power equipment.
Implementation of the project in 3.
" The power system synchronization DLT GB 1100 - 1" on the power time synchronization system made clear technical specifications:
More than 1 reference source input, can track GPS, can also track the ground reference source and Beidou satellite, mutual backup
The 2 track the time synchronization node time source, also can be to lower time synchronization node distribution time

3 support time delay automatic compensation function

4 of the rich time synchronization interface and output port type, including the serial port, IRIG-B interface, Ethernet interface, in order to adapt and automation equipment of various time signal connection requirement

1588v2 fully realize the above technical requirements, network implementation:

1 the main backup mode. The dispatch center placed a time synchronization device, can track GPS satellite; through 1588v2 agreement time bearing to the transmission line, power plant and transformer substation can be obtained from transmission network dispatching center of the time as the backup; time delay in the transmission line at the receiving end of automatic compensation.

2 power plant and substation communication machine room can be taken with the dispatch center of the same configuration, while the introduction of the dispatch center through a transmission sent ground spare time source. The satellite is not available, the master time source GPS satellite switched to the standby time source, avoid entering the punctual condition, ensure the accuracy of.

3 in substation protective chamber placed two time synchronization equipment, configuration of the satellite receiver card, received through the optical fiber communication room time, and automatically do delay compensation, the precision can reach the precision of tracking satellite.