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Shanghai Keywie communication IEEE 1588v2 clock in communication network time synchronization system for specific applications

( 1) in a billing applications
The current business network on time synchronization of the explicit demand, mainly from the call accounting needs, including telephone billing, wide / narrow online billing, intelligent network billing. So PSTN switch, PHS switch, RADIUS, IP network intelligent network service platform should access time synchronization network. With the soft exchange and future business development at 4G, may have more value added service gradually, these business platform charging will also need more precise time with IEEE 1588v2 clock synchronization.

( 2) in the settlement between networks applications
Several operators jointly operate communications market, inevitable existence of interconnection settlement between networks, the problem of. Moreover, user requirements and improve the quality of service as clear as noonday call, telephone charges to billing detail list. Charging unit decrescent is a trend. All these require billing accuracy is high, especially in the different operation network billing accuracy requirements of higher.

( 3) the application of Softswitch Network
Soft switching network, accounting information is mainly produced in the soft exchange equipment. The soft exchange device generates billing time unit of 0.1s bits, thus for Softswitch billing time standard time source accuracy should reach MS level. The billing, management will require time synchronization, therefore the softswitch core network platform the need for time synchronization, and the present in terms of technology, IEEE 1588v2 clock technology is a kind of inevitable.

( 4) application of PHS network
PHS network synchronization condition is generally selected PHS network in a network management server as a time source, in the PHS internal realization of time synchronization, and the standard time and external network may bias exists, over a period of time must be adjusted manually, deviation, artificial maintenance problems.

( 5) signaling monitoring application
In order to avoid the signalling sequence errors arising from false information, required all signaling flow of time information is accurate. Because the signaling flow time label is composed of various signaling collection point are generated, so each signaling collection point must maintain time synchronization. The present synchronization mode can not meet the best business needs: GPS time synchronization and network synchronization can only be guaranteed for each remote station time acquisition accuracy to MS grade. In order to reach s level, and even the ns level, only the IEEE 1588v2 clock.

( 6) intelligent network service platform for application
Application of 1.IDC network
Internet data center IDC in addition to provide access to Internet services, but also to provide users with telecom rich cyber source as well as a comprehensive network management and application of telecom data operation, is the new hot spot and point of growth. IDC hosting host hire host, hosting, business applications and equipment maintenance are in time synchronization requirements.
The 2 transmission network application
At present, the existing transmission network time synchronization of demand is not very urgent, mainly belonging to the network management maintenance needs. But in the customer service, network time synchronization will be important customers leased circuits cannot accurate timing or timeout phenomenon, affecting the enterprise's business income and credibility, not conducive to the operator maintenance work. At the same time, record the time allowed, also affect the fault judgement, analysis after the event, causing the statistical data is not accurate, affect the network quality analysis.

3.3G, 4G application
3G, 4G new business on the synchronization of the demand increasingly urgent. With the restructuring of the telecommunications advancement, the operators will become the business operators, mobile communications business as one of today's fastest growing telecommunications business, is the communication operator user market core, also is the focal point that builds investment. IEEE 1588v2 clock in communication application will be the most practical option.
The CDMA2000 and TD-SCDMA two standard 3G network, base station system between the needs of the high precision time synchronization (better than 10 u s ). Because of the soft handover, if RNC ( radio network controller ) and NodeB no time synchronization, may result in the selector in the mail do not match, so that the call connection cannot be established.
WCDMA system itself in the normal work does not require time synchronization, but when provide some value-added services, such as the base station based on a high precision positioning service, need the time synchronization between the base station equipment, and is high in precision ( s level ) time synchronization. WCDMA is not GPS, because the WCDMA protocol, setting the primary synchronization channel and an auxiliary synchronization channel ( SCH ), the system through the SCH decoding system for acquiring synchronization between base stations, so WCDMA does not need a public source. While CDMA2000 is not set similar to the WCDMA synchronization channel, so must make all base station synchronization.
In 3G network, there will be some new mobile services, such as location based services. In the mobile communication network to achieve location based services there are several technical choice, one realization means is the use of mobile phone receiver near the number of base station radio signal for positioning. This requires the precise location of the base station is predicted, and it is time synchronization. According to the requirements of the different base station positioning accuracy, the accuracy of time synchronization requirements are different. CDMA2000 is time synchronization with the world, in the world scope of all base station forward link transmit clock accurate synchronization in microseconds. Accurate time source results in" positioning" technology become possible. Generally speaking, if the error of time synchronization between the base stations in 1 u s, location positioning accuracy of approximately around 300m ( wave propagation velocity equal to the speed of light is 3 108m / s, hypothesis of clock synchronization among error in 1 u s, if not this 1 u s error correction, is converted to distance of 1000ns x 3 x 108m / S = 300m ).

Along with the computer network technology and its application development, more and more people in the computer network virtual space launch activities. Many areas of the network system such as finance, wide cable industry, transportation, commerce, positioning, navigation, large-scale distributed commercial databases in big scope between the computer time synchronization and time.

Along with the telecommunication new business development, computer application system the interaction between the more and more frequent, and the time is absolutely necessary items of data interaction. Different time standard time caused by the deviation, not only making the data delay, even will cause data inversion. Therefore, must each computer system server access time synchronization system, at the same time, this also accords with the computer system to optimize the integration trend.