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At the May meeting of the international exhibition of Shanghai smart grid, odd Micro Communication shows the company PTP clock in a smart grid, mobile communication, distributed computing and cloud computing industry overall solution. The company 's products include 1U master clock from clock PTPSlave-1000, PTPGrand-1000, PTPBox-1000, PTPBlade-1000, streamlined clock card PCI card PTPExperss-1000, and professional Beidou navigation satellite system module & the GPS dual-mode timing module.

In the exhibition scene demonstrates PTP products, precision, and the arrangement of technology, industry experts to discuss applications, application requirements. The manufacturers, customers have come to visit to discuss, in response to positive.

Shanghai Keywie communication technology limited company ( ) main PTP series of network time service products. Products are mainly used in electric power, telecommunications, financial and other industries of high precision synchronous network scene. The company PTP clock products has been in a number of intelligent substation pilot using, stable condition.

The company products are independent research and development, has the advantages of high precision, good service, strong adaptability, product line rich advantages. The company has applied for 4 patents, 1 items of software intellectual property rights, and have been a number of national innovation fund to support.