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Ministry of information transmission and Shanghai Keywie communication technology limited company in the PTP tester aspects of formal cooperation. The thought of Shanghai strange micro is one of the few domestic 1588V2 precision clock synchronization technology independent research and development capacity of one of the manufacturers, with the PTP tester has abundant interfaces, perfect statistical analysis report and other characteristics, and is based on network traffic prediction network clock synchronization precision of unique features.

According to the related staff feedback, at present domestic 1588v2 tester for many foreign imports, is not only expensive, but also in the rich interface level, measurement of functional diversification, improve statistical analysis report and other performance indicators are not fully meet their needs, while Shanghai odd micro communication technology limited company with independent development advantage, to break the monopoly of foreign manufacturers, and can provide rich functionality and test interface. They look through and Shanghai Qi micro company cooperation, to create a leading international, and has a completely independent intellectual property rights of the network clock tester, a better service to each communication operator PTN construction and maintenance.